“The Queen of Jewels” “Drop of the Moon” “Tears of the Mermaid” … The color and form of the pearl, I have praised the mysterious and noble beauty from long ago and have gotten a lot of beautiful names. In addition, pearls are the only gems born and raised in living creatures, It is not an overstatement to say that it is a symbol of the life force of mother shell that survives in a harsh environment. By wearing such a pearl as a rare gift from the ocean I can express strength as human beings. And by designing pearl accessories, More people are more free, fun, sexy, just yourself a pearl I wonder if we can help you to wear yourself. Such a feeling is the roots of our design, an eternal theme.

PEARL FAR EAST INC. CEO and designer as representative director



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本日発売 グレイヘアという生き方

本日、主婦の友社より発売の「グレイヘアという生き方」にて近藤サト様がPFE TAKASHI DEGUCHIの作品を、多数ご着用くださっております。